Comprehensive Google Map Plugin(CGMP) conflicted with W3 Total Cache

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When I installed W3 Total Cache, It was always problem with Comprehensive Google Map Plugin. Although W3 Total Cache is awesome plugin, I couldn’t use it for this problem. I spent time today and I found what problem is.

It was problem with JSON parsing. In W3 Total cache, every page minify by replacing space to new line(\n). So we can fix a code like below:

// CGMPGlobal.errors = parseJson(CGMPGlobal.errors);
CGMPGlobal.errors = parseJson(CGMPGlobal.errors.replace(/\n/gi,""));

And then, wrapping jQuery. It need to be run after jQuery loaded.

jQuery(function(){ /* all code */ });

// find w(i) and then change to the code

Also wrapping jQuery in same way.

jQuery(function(){ /* all code */ });

I hope you get answer what you want.